Benefits for Realtors®

When choosing a vehicle, consumers can compare the fuel efficiency of different models. When buying appliances, they can compare the energy efficiency of different brands. With Home Energy Labelling at the Time of Sale home-buyers can now compare the energy efficiency of different houses.

As a Realtors®, why is Home Energy Labelling at the Time of Sale  important for you and your clients?
  • North American research shows that environmentally certified homes are attracting more interest from buyers and that buyers are interested in paying more for certified homes. (See research from Ontario and the State of Washington.)
  • Homebuyers can qualify for green mortgages and other incentives
  • Energy efficient homes are high quality and comfortable homes with consistent temperatures throughout the home, draft free rooms, good sound proofing from outside noise, excellent indoor air quality and affordable monthly utility bills.
  • Energy ratings provides full and frank disclosure about home energy costs - similar to car and appliance labelling
  • Your support for Home Energy Labelling places you in a leadership role in championing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability for your clients