Benefits for New Owners

If home sellers participate in the Time of Sale Energy Labelling Pilot and make energy efficiency upgrades to their homes, new owners will have peace of mind that their new home is going to save them money in energy costs.  They can also enjoy the increased comfort of a home that is energy efficient —warm and cozy during cold winter nights and cooler on hot summer days.

Alternatively, if new owners rather than sellers undertake the efficiency upgrades, they will have the home’s energy efficiency report to clearly show the most cost effective and beneficial upgrade options for their new home.  They will also have information about the financial incentives available to make these improvements much more affordable.

By understanding the energy efficiency potential of the home the new owner will be able to choose the right home for their budget taking into account the operating cost of the home.  New buyers planning on undertaking upgrades can plan for financing these upgrades when they finance their home.  There are many low interest loans available for financing energy efficiency upgrades.

Investing in home energy efficiency is a choice many British Columbians are now making. Why? There are many benefits associated with energy efficiency, including:
  • Lower energy use and related energy bills
  • Increased indoor air quality
  • Increased comfort with even temperatures throughout the home
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions